Yoga of Delayed | Late Marriage and its Remedies in Vedic Astrology | Navneet Chitkara

Yoga of Delayed | Late Marriage and its Remedies in Vedic Astrology | Navneet Chitkara

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  1. Sir what about sun in the 7th house, Leo ascendant and 7th lord Saturn in 6th house with Mars and Venus 😔

  2. Jupiter ketu in 8th house aspected by Saturn i married in the age of 23 but after marriage i have least interest in that romantic marriage desire i always try to find my soulmate in my partner 💕 feeling i have some connections with him from past life 🧬

  3. @astro scientist navneet chitkara , Sir, Peeple ke patte remedy only after Shrawan for all ? Or if the person himself doing it for own marriage can do in Shrawan also ??

  4. Guru ji
    The remedies of lighting diya for Tulsi Maa has to be done morning and evening both? Or only evening?
    & at what time garland remedy for Hanuman ji has to be done? & after sawan when to start this?? Plz reply

  5. Hare Krishna Guru ji🙏
    I have Jupiter Retro 19°31 (Ashl Nak pad 1) + Ketu 06°23 (Pushya Nak pad 1) conjunction in my 6th house in Cancer sign & it's really getting delayed

  6. What about saturn aspecting 7th house?will it delay marriage if its in 1st house in Aries and its retrograde too?

  7. Gm. nd +Thanx a lot for sharing ur deep knowledge with all of us.. It will be helpful 4all those who r still unmarried just like me.. 🙏😊

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