Yoga For Stress Management | Yoga With Adriene

Bridge the gap between mind and body. This 32-minute yoga practice session is great for those needing to find balance and calm. This practice is also GREAT for preventative care.

Take care that you are not burning yourself out! Use this next 30 minutes to breathe, find your center, and fill your cup.

Trust that this time is valuable.

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Yoga With Adriene, LLC recommends that you consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.


  1. If you only have time for one thing, I suggest making it your yoga practice. Here you can stretch, burn, sweat, soothe, tone, trim, release, massage, relax and most importantly bridge the gap between your precious mind and body. Don’t burn yourself out any longer.
    Your at-home practice is one for both your mental, emotional and physical health.

    Don’t forget:

    Stress is the enemy. Find What Feels Good.

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  2. Hey guyz! Its been a long time since i do yoga with adriene. I was doing the practices like 3 or 4 years ago and it was a healing solution for me. Then i got better and i loosen the yoga practices. Im here again now, dealing stress and anxiety. Im starting a new life in a new city alone and this all make me nervous. I know this is very normal. But i cant stop to blame myself for being "weak". I came to nice wellbeing after all that practices and i earned it. Now i feel like im starting to build myself up again from the beginning. This is a process and i feel it. New life fears me but its a beautiful opportunity i know that. I wonder what i will learn from this experience. Adriene is being a guidance and helper to me again. And this community, guyz you make me feel less alone. Thank you all… <3

  3. THANK YOU! Today, as my mom is in hospice care I let the stress of it all get to me. Thank you for this meditative and yummy practice to re-center my emotions and seriously focus me to tend to what needs to be tended to. I prayed my way through this one and my body is so appreciative to have the gentle movement. Thank you!

  4. I’m feeling stressed over a move that I have to make for ten months and I have to leave my golden, Harry, at home while I’m away. He’s my baby and I feel like I’m abandoning him. It’s only for ten months but at the same time it’s for ten freaking months. This is the first ever yoga practice that I cried a bit and I rarely cry. I don’t know if I’m sad or angry about the move and I think that the stress of not knowing what will happen and not being able to tell what my emotions are just came out in tears. He will be staying with trusted close family but I still feel like I’m betraying and abandoning him for my own gain in life. Does anyone have any advice for me?

  5. Literally was having a super stressy morning and was feeling super self conscious about the weight I've gained on my stomach and it's like Adriene just knows all of this and says exactly what I need to hear! I'm so thankful for having invited Adriene into my life, it's so much better because of her:-)

  6. I was brought to tears multiple times throughout this practice. I knew I was stressed but I was surprised because there was more to be released than I thought! I am SO GRATEFUL to Adriene for being an ever-present compassionate and loving beacon in my life. And I'm grateful for taking the time to breathe and reconnect my mind and body. Feeling at peace.

  7. I've been on an emotional rollercoaster and numbness at the same time for the past few days… because of some health issues i can't work out, so i came across your video and gave it a try. I cried so much. It felt so relieved. My body feels much lighter as i'm writing this. This is the first time i cried during a yoga practice… especially when you say 'drop the judgement'. I have a hard time when it comes to giving my body the unconditional love it deserves. I haven't heard those words for so long… thank you. Thanks for nurturing your viewers with your loving words and energy. Blessings to you! Namaste ♥️

  8. I really needed this practice today, I feel like I can always count on Adriene to help me when I'm stressed or upset or sad, her and benji make my day so much better!

  9. For anyone watching a family member fighting to get well – If you are having a day that finds you full of anguish and anger, riding the occasional wave of hate, this practice will help to calm you and help you remember to embrace hope and peace. Even if you are incredible tired I challenge you to give it a try.

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