Yoga For Stress, Anxiety and Depression With Kat Tillinghast

Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

West Coast Yoga and Sports Therapy.
Orange County, California

Yoga with Kat

If you suffer from Stress, Anxiety, Depression, or all three, this video can help you. This particular type of Yoga is called Yoga Therapy and these poses, taught by Kat, who is a Yoga Therapist, are specifically designed to strengthen the body, while creating a more calm and focused mind.The focus on the movements and breath, helps to relax the nervous system. Cardio and other types of exercise are important and so are many other forms of treatments for these conditions. This Yoga practice can be done in conjunction with any other treatment. Done on a daily basis or more often, this practice soon creates new habits in the body and mind, which replace old habits such as not moving the body, not taking full breaths, and agitated or depressed minds. Consistency is the key.