Yoga For Stress, Anxiety and Depression With Kat Tillinghast

Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

West Coast Yoga and Sports Therapy.
Orange County, California

Yoga with Kat

If you suffer from Stress, Anxiety, Depression, or all three, this video can help you. This particular type of Yoga is called Yoga Therapy and these poses, taught by Kat, who is a Yoga Therapist, are specifically designed to strengthen the body, while creating a more calm and focused mind.The focus on the movements and breath, helps to relax the nervous system. Cardio and other types of exercise are important and so are many other forms of treatments for these conditions. This Yoga practice can be done in conjunction with any other treatment. Done on a daily basis or more often, this practice soon creates new habits in the body and mind, which replace old habits such as not moving the body, not taking full breaths, and agitated or depressed minds. Consistency is the key.


  1. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation present your requests to God by prayer with thanksgiving. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding shall guard your minds and hearts in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:6–7

  2. Super-annoying, intrusive ad interruptions (in just first 6 minutes!) for Best Western, then Light life burgers (:-( YouTube/Google/Alphabet ruining the user experience, pissing off consumers (:-( YouTube used to not suck.

  3. Lovely video, very helpful! I'm so glad someone is making content for depression and anxiety.

    One thing, I am concerned with your bindhi wearing (the dot on our forehead). It has significant cultural and religious meaning and history that you do not share.

  4. hi kat!!! in december my best friend's dad died and since then i have panic attacks and i cant take out of my mind the idea that somenthing really bad is going to happen to me or my beloved ones…. im superstressed my doctor said that im in shock and at first lets see if i can get over on my own and if this doesnt stop or getting bigger we'll see if i need something more… but this video look really good and i want to try because i believe yoga is helpful… i think that this is going to help me to control my self, my anexiaty and bad thoughts right….???

  5. U have no idea how much I needed this! Thank you soo much,god bless you! I suffer from anxiety and depression.My muscles ache throughout d body as stress keeps building in them.I would love to get some advices specific to my prob,where my muscle ache is treated.Thankyou again

  6. I found this very hard to follow saying to do certain poses for a certain amount of time or reps, some of the positions to not be correct, and left me unprepared before i started. Im sorry but this video needs some improvement.

  7. Started so well, I relaxed to your voice and words, but I could not follow the routine without watching the screen constantly, which immediately stressed out my neck defeating the object.  Pity.

  8. Dear Kat,

    Thank you so much for your video.

    I like your soft and quiet talking which helped me make sense of every posture and move. With soft/quiet background music and your guided postures/moves associated with my deep breathing, it did help for my mind relaxation, hopefully to reduce my daily mental stress and improve my inner system circulation that I need badly.

    I like your brief and effective introduction/instruction very much. Since I cannot keep a schedule going for group sessions, I have searched online for many different instructor's videos. It's hard to find a perfect one for me to follow everyday in terms of the instruction, the words and the tune of talking, the pace and time. I reckoned that yoga practice can be tailored according to each individual's physical and time limit. I don't have to force to do all of them. Instead of following an entire routine with a fixed time, with the demo in your video, I can do it anytime when I need with those posture/moves that work better for me along with a soft background music in a quite place.


  9. going to give this a whirl, I suppose many of us here have some anxiety and depression to say the least, been working with my doc and CBT to get back my head a little, Im sure I dont have to tell anyone it is a pain.. So I need some help from people I dont know on here lol, has this helped anyone at all? Is there anything else anyone can suggest as well? Any home CBT I could also do? I found this one anxiety video, its not CBT but it is great for figuring the brain out ( just dont listen to it when you sleep i was up way too long, ), its called "turning anxiety in to calm" I forget the speaker but type that in and give it a go, i think its worth it even if it s long. Also, is anyone having trouble sleeping or waking in the middle of the night and having trouble? It is a common issue I know but Im still having trouble, ANY AND ALL suggestions very welcome, likely to try anything. What has worked for me a little if anyone wants to try is simple, (dont fall back asleep especially if you've had a night sweat from anxiety , medication, or whatever it is ( likely tat dont panic it is more than likely, about 99% NOT CANCER, I went through that, do not do that to yourself, if you are on anti-depressants that is the cause, get checked out if you want, I just dont want to pass along panic, who needs that) . but, sometimes not going back to sleep, grabbing some none caffeine tea and a hot shower until relaxed, then change in to something dry, breathable and soft, and hopefully that will do the trick, it doesn't always work but it does a better job than tossing and turning.  Anyway, maybe instead of sailing along like sharks we can chit chat over this channel, anything i can pass on that has helped I will, and would very much like to hear what is/ is not working for you. Best of luck and sound mind to all.


  10. would love to be able to do this…only thing is it is hard to watch and do at the same time! More instruction as you go along would be easier to follow 🙂 namaste 

  11. Love your practice. I only wish it were slower. It's more of a watch, take notes and do it yourself later or constantly pause the video in order to take the time with each pose. Feeling rushed when I'm anxious is stressful. It's certainly worth the effort though, your voice is so calming and comforting, the information you give is excellent and your videos are beautiful to watch. Thank you.

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