Yoga For Beginners :Part 1 | Yoga Routine | Yoga At Home | Yoga Routine For Beginners | Cult Fit

This Yoga Video from Cult Fit is the perfect workout for beginners to start your day. Say yes to healthy living with Cult Fit

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0:00 Intro
4:00 Joint Rotation & Stretch
9:56 Sivananda Style
21:36 Padahastasana
26:13 Bhujangasana – Balasana
28:34 Paschimottanasana
30:22 Setu Bandhasana
31:53 Savasana
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  1. Thanks a lot your yoga session always amazing and effective but also use some herbal products in your daily routine for healthy body . I am using the products of planet ayurveda and believe me its amazing ashwagandha, gilloy are just best..

  2. Thank you for this practice. I’m a complete beginner to yoga and this is perfect. Many of the other videos say for beginners and all abilities but they go straight into quite difficult any impossible poses. This is perfect for me.

  3. I was trying to frist time but it's very difficult to do I done it very as well body and maind relaxing good you guy in online because working women we don't get time for go to yoga classes any way thanks guys πŸ‘

  4. Thank you so much, I tried this session for the first time today and honestly it was amazing!! I felt a lot of tension being released. I joined for a yoga class online and it didn't workout but this seems to be working for me. I am thankful to you guys for making this video and spreading positivity. Peace and love ❀️

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