Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Full Body Stretch | 20 min Practice

A 20 minute Full Body Class for Anxiety and Stress. Release tension, open up and relax deeply with this calming and soothing practice. Yoga can help us to find mental calmness, balance and equanimity through regular practice.

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  1. Hey Tim, I was about to ask you for a calming routine for weeks now. Background: I do recreational diving & among my diving friends in Asia, Yoga for divers is a thing at the moment. Calming & meditating & breathing before a dive saves a lot of air, extends your dive time & makes diving safer over all. So I tried this flow this morning (without having the possibility to do a test dive afterwards) and I think it points into the right direction. Maybe there's more into that direction someday… Yoga is sooo useful πŸ™‚ Thanks again for all your work, Tim!

  2. Although not quite in the same league as Gina Hemmings (because our medical histories are of course, a competition :D) I have seized up following a hernia repair and then getting covid. So this was absolutely on the money. Once again thank you for putting this out there Tim. I'm off to give your recent 10 minute class a go.

  3. Thank you so much Tim for this class.
    I feel really relaxed and rejuvenated πŸ™‚
    Two days ago I went for quite a long hike and bike ride so that the class today really helped me release the tension which I built up a bit over the last few days.
    Thank you, namaste πŸ™πŸ»

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