Yoga For A Relaxing Night's Sleep

This short, but effective sequence is best to do before bed, with 1-2 pillows handy. Follow along to ensure a relaxing, good night’s sleep.
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  1. The back bend pose with the blocks almost took me out. However, the more I released and just breathed/sighed out loud with my exhales. I felt so much tension releasing from my lower back. Thank you so much.

  2. After being over-worked for almost a month my body was collapsing. Did this before sleeping and had such a relaxing sleep. I can feel the difference even tho I slept the same amount of hours I normally do. Thank you for this! <3

  3. I've just discovered you on YouTube in my quest to find yoga that works for me. Thanks so much for the thoughtful and effective yoga routines. This one in particular was lovely to do before bedtime. ❤ from Jersey, CI

  4. As someone who has trouble sleeping I have pills that help with it but I also do this and it helps immensely. Not only does this help relax my body it also helps get rid of any worries I have carried throughout the day so i can have a restful sleep.

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