The Alder Lake Problem – Lenovo Yoga 9i Review

The Lenovo Yoga 9i has everything that it takes to be one of the best thin and light laptops released in 2020. But it also has an Alder Lake CPU, and that’s a problem. Thanks to Storyblocks for sponsoring this video!

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0:00 – Yoga 9i Review Introduction
0:31 – Pricing
1:46 – Design and BUILD Quality
3:19 – Keyboard & Trackpad
4:46 – I/O Ports
6:17 – Unique Speaker Setup
7:06 – An AMAZING Display
7:54 – Yoga 9i Upgrade Options
8:21 – Sponsor Spot (Storyblocks)
8:55 – CPU Power, Temperatures & Frequencies Over Time
10:31 – Noise Levels & Surface Temperatures
10:56 – Battery Life
12:25 – Real-World Benchmarks
14:41 – 1080p Gaming Benchmarks
15:17 – Conclusion


Review unit provided free of charge by Lenovo as a loaned item. This video is sponsored by Storyblocks. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. officialHardware_can­uck who is this and why they msg me with pc prize then turn around and want me to pay for shipping fee's lololololol ????

  2. I appreciate the honesty of this channel. I think 2022 will become a forgotten year in terms of CPU/APU advancements because Alder Lake is looking like a dud and Ryzen 6000 is also looking like a very marginal improvement over Ryzen 5000 (except for the new RDNA2 integrated graphics). If a user can wait until 2H 2023 for mobile Ryzen 7000 which will be 5nm and whatever Intel has at that point (hopefully they will finally deliver on 7nm chips), there will be some real improvements in performance as well as power efficiency around then.

  3. So here is my speculation as to why the battery life in your light load test seems low given the capacity.
    In truth, if you look at the current capacity of batteries, the average Laptop goes from 3400 – 7000mah.
    Thin and light hover around the 4400-5000mah.

    For example, my Envy X360 2020 Ryzen model has a 51Wh battery, 3 cells @ 11.45V + 4450mah. (Also the 13in model, with the 4500U*). That falls around the 13 hour mark in this test also.
    This machine you've tested has a 4 cell 75Wh battery @ 15.52V + 4835mah.

    The current capacity difference is roughly ~ 385mah + 1 cell extra @ ~3.7V.
    In reality? 4 cells allows for lower current across each cell and current drops in a series config. 3 is similar, but with high current.
    A well designed battery with battery management tools for longetivity will ensure that 1 cell doesn't drain faster than the others. (A lot of battery stuff I cannot rmr, so meh).

    Anyways, 75Wh is accurate.. but the true capacity is only 8% larger (we are talking current capacity), versus 51-62Wh batteries of the same caliber (albeit 1 less cell).

    Note they are other factors, that I may not have mentioned in typing out this comment. I just wanted to focus on the battery*

  4. This looks more of a flawed design from Lenovo, than Intel.
    Dell's new XPS 13 Plus is punching Apple's M1 in performance, not so much for battery.

    COnsidering Dell and Lenovo, with the same chip start at the same price, Dell's offering is more logical for consumers.

  5. Did you remove all the Lenovo bloatware? Could be some background processes preventing CPU deep sleep states which would affect battery live.

  6. Yoga laptops are BS products. I had 3 years of agony with one of them. Battery, touchscreen, keyboard problems… I just bought my first Apple product, the 14" macbook pro, and thanks God I don't regret the transition. The only lenovo series I would maybe buy again, is the Legion one, but since I don't game anymore, bye bye Lenovo. Won't miss you 😘

  7. Doing a battery test with white screen on an OLED display might not be a fair "comparison". Though it does actually reflect the real-world scenario of white screen browser / explorer / applications etc., Most of these applications have a dark mode as well! If you redo the battery test with dark mode and get a different score, change the way you do battery tests!

  8. Appreciate the review of this greatly, I'm looking at getting a 2-in-1/tablet style notebook this year so hopefully you'll get more in this segment.

    I know it would add a fair bit to your workload, but given the way that optimized mode bounced clockspeeds around I'm really curious if that's really a noticeable improvement over "extreme" in battery life.

  9. Amd will dominate the mobile and i will stay on intel in desktop because i have a 10 years old intel cpu and all of the hard work goes to the gpu in 90% of the games. Unless the egpu turn out popular and afordable…

  10. There is a Lenovo Ideapad 700 Carbon w/ 5800U + 16GB LPDDR4X + 14" 2.8k OLED (QHD) + quad speakers + 512GB SSD. There is an optional MX350 model as well. Only 2.3LB too.
    That laptop is much better than the Yoga 9i even if it seems like the 9i stole the screen for the QHD model.

    Try to get your hands on the Carbon; I managed to find one on ebay even if its "temporarily unavailable" via the Lenovo website… The one I got cost under $1200 too so it seems like it would also be a much better deal than this one.

  11. Something happened to this channel? Don't get the videos recommended anymore.. Shadow ban from youtube or some system bug?

  12. 13:01 You lied. How come a Yoga 9i with bigger battery and lower Avg CPU power draw have shorter battery life than Zenbook 13 OLED (both don't have dGPU). 11:23 battery life.
    Then I checked your older video of Zenbook 13 Oled. Performance mode of Zenbook 13 average 22W, while balancing mode is 18W.
    Yoga I9 performance mode is 28W and balancing mode is 23W.
    So for Zenbook you give the high wave power draw of Performance mode. For Yoga9i you give Avg of Balancing mode.
    I smell "seeding" here.

  13. LOL, without even watching any of the video, and the title being what it is, I see "Lenovo" and think, "Oh f*** Lenovo has done the same s*** they always pull!" Gosh, why is it ALWAYS them?

  14. Goddamn those single core and multicore scores just show how badly Apple Silicon is roflstomping both Intel and AMD watt-for-watt. The M1 is in the 1700 range for single core at a max 35w.

  15. Am I losing my mind, or is anytime you say that laptop webcams are alright all I see is terrible image quality?

    It does seem that your filming setup is almost the worst case scenario for them…

  16. It would be nice a review of either the brand new Dell Precision 5470 (14" RTX A1000) and the Lenovo P14s Gen 3 (Nvidia T550).

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