Stress Relief Yoga with Dr Sara Gottfried

Dr. Sara Gottfried explains how yoga can help with stress and cortisol levels with one pose called “Butterfly.”

In addition to relieving stress, yoga can help with weight management and achieving a healthy balance in a busy lifestyle.
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Hi, I’m Sara Gottfried MD! I practice precision, functional, and integrative medicine. What does that mean? I look at the genetics, environment, and lifestyle of an individual and together we design ways to optimize health, function, and performance. It’s not one-size-fits-all but a way to personalize your nutrition, sleep, stress levels, inflammation, detoxification, and hormone balance. I take care of all types of people from conscious leaders to professional athletes, and everyone in between. We use any means at our disposal from genomic pathway testing to VO2 max, from clinical labs to next-gen biomarkers like continuous glucose monitoring and other digital biomarkers, from bioidentical hormones to peptides. My goal is to help people live life fully, on their own terms, and buoyed by the best possible healthspan.

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