Silhouette Patterns – #3413 5-Piece Pocketed Yoga Pant Sew-A-Long!

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Peggy Holds a degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. As a mother to four sons, Peggy spends her time divided between teaching and creating new patterns for Silhouette Patterns, a line of contemporary patterns available to the home sewer. During her career she has taught college courses in pattern drafting and design. She professionally drafts patterns for individuals and manufacturers all across the country ranging from golf apparel to black tie performances. In addition to apparel designs, Peggy has designed the patterns of the costumes worn by the Mens Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist, Elvis Stojko.


  1. BTW the quilting word for meeting seams in different directions is nesting. I think it’s very descriptive of the process.

  2. Enjoyed this video . Thanks for the info on sewing with waist band up and doing a straight 3.5 stitch instead of a zigzag. I’ve always been scared to sew waistband with elastic in it but understand now needle shouldn’t even touch elastic. One day I might get a serger but I’m just learning this awesome craft and really not in the budget at this time. I totally love my side cutter presser foot. It finishes off my seams but cuts off excess fabric just like a serger and only cost me $47.00 on Amazon. It does a couple

  3. The home quilters have discovered "the clapper"recently to use to hold down the seam that has been pressed to flatten it. They have no idea about the original use. Check Bernadette Banner, YTube last week.

  4. My Babylock Imagine has lasted 40 years but I didn’t use it everyday . Threading is usually an issue with other machines.

  5. I have a Phaff and love it! Have had it for 20 years and have not ever had it in for repairs except 2 months ago had to have it adjusted other than that I’m for Phaff!!

  6. On a sewing machine, using a double needle will give you the zigzag underneath and the double straight seams on top.

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