Namami Yoga-Vidye

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Namami Yoga-Vidye
Produced by:
Center for Soft Power
Supported by:

 In Collaboration with:
Raadha Kalpa Dance Company
Concept, Choreography & Direction: Rukmini Vijayakumar
Music Direction, Programming & Arrangements : Sai Shravanam.
Music Composition : Dr.Rajkumar Bharathi
Director of Photography: Vivian Ambrose
Research assistance: Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar & Dr Vinayachandra Banavathy

Music Production: Sai Shravanam at Resound India.
Vocal: Abhishek Raghuram
Kunnakol : Mahesh Vinayakaram
Mridangam, Pakhwaj & Chenda : Ganapathi Subramaniam
Tabla & Swar Mandal : Sai Shravanam
Chorus : Savitha, Anjana, Mayur & Rahul
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Sai Shravanam at Resound India. 
Editing: Vivian Ambrose & Rukmini Vijayakumar
1st AD: Sharan Ranjit
Line Producer: Shibani Naidu
Art: Jayaram.M  & Yethin N
Lights: Cinema Angadi
Gaffer: Kiran Kumar
Photography: Sunilino
Venue Partner: Tamarind Tree

Special Thanks:
Anup J Kat
Aparna Sridhar

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I have conceptualised the film on the idea of self-revelation and the destruction of ego that happens through the practise of yoga. Asana is just one aspect of yoga, but yoga in reality has many aspects to it that leads us on the journey towards being a better human being. The physical aspect , Hatha yoga is just one part of yoga . I have used the symbol of the mandala that represents the female energy that is indicative of the physical universe that we inhabit and then moved on to metaphorically describe how the universe comes into being only when the union of Purusha and Prakriti happen. In the revelation of this realisation, we understand the insignificance of holding on to this idea of ourselves that limits us to this body that we posses.

The 5 senses that are constantly awakened by the presence of things in the world around us must come in our control so we are truly free from our own limitations of emotion .

– Rukmini Vijayakumar


Lalita Sahasranamam

Sindhuraruna vigraham trinayanam manikya mouli spurath
Thara Nayaga sekaram smitha mukhi mapina vakshoruham,
Panibhayam alipoorna ratna chashakam rakthothpalam vibhrathim,
Soumyam ratna gatastha raktha charanam, dhyayeth paramambikam.

whose body has the red hue of vermilion,
who has three eyes,
who wears a beautiful crown studded with rubies,
who is adorned with the crescent Moon,
whose face sports beautiful smile indicating compassion,
who has beautiful limbs,
whose hands hold a jewel-studded golden vessel filled
with nectar, and in the other a red lotus flower.

Vishnu Dharmottara Purana

sānnipātikajvara satatajvara viṣamajvara graha-nakṣatradoṣāñcānyān hara hara kāli sara sara gauri dhama dhama vidye āle māle tāle bandhe paca paca vidye matha matha vidye nāśaya nāśaya pāpaṁ hara hara duḥsvapnaṁ vidhvaṁsaya vidhvaṁsaya vighnavināśini rajani sandhye dundubhināde mānastoṣe mānasavege śaṅkhiṇi cakriṇi vajriṇi gadini śūlini apamṛtyu-vināśini viśveśvari drāviḍhi keśavadayite paśupatisahite bhīmamardini damani dāmini śabari kirāti mātaṅgi oṁ draṁ draṁ jraṁ jraṁ kraṁ kraṁ turu turu oṁ draṁ kuru kuru

The damages of (evil) constellations, (evil) planets, irregular fever, constant fever, fever due to (the fall of) wind, bile and phlegm (disorder), take take it away, oh Kāli (dark complexion Goddess), move move on, oh Gauri (fair Goddess), blast blast it, oh Vidye (hymn or knowledge Goddess), Āle (Goddess of excellence or discharge), Māle (stringed hymn or Goddess), Tāle (rhythmic hymn or thunderbolt Goddess), Bandhe (bondage Goddess), cook cook, oh Vidye (knowledge), churn churn, oh Vidye (hymn or knowledge Goddess), destroy destroy, take away take away the sin, bad dreams, destroy destroy it, oh Vighnavināśini (destroyer of obstacles), Rajani Sandhye (night Goddess), Dundubhināde (one with the sounds of the kettle drums), Mānastoṣe (bestower of satisfaction to the mind), Månasavegå (one with the speed of mind), Śaṅkhiṇi (one with the conch), Cakriṇi (one with the chakra), Vajriṇi (one who holds the thunderbolt), Gadini (one who holds the club), Śūlini (one who holds the spear), Apamṛtyu-vināśini (destroyer of untimely death), Viśveśvari (Goddess of the entire universe), Drāviḍhi (One who is worshipped by the Dravidas), Keśavadayite (beloved of Keshava), Paśupatisahite (One who is with Shiva the lord of animals), bhīmamardini (slayer of terrible demons), Damani (one who controls), Dāmini (self-controlled), Śabari (Goddess of patience), Kirāti (hunter Goddess), Mātaṅgi ( Divine mother, one of the dasha mahavidyas), prostrations to you.


  1. Она убила своё нЕмощное эго в процессе медитации. Устрашающая женщина с языком – олицетворение яростной формы богини Дурги, принятие смерти от которой, – это благословение и дар Небес, от того и слёзы на щеках. В конце показывается, что главная героиня жива; она остаётся невовлеченным наблюдателем всех тех действий, происходящих внутри!

  2. Your magnificent art is binds all my senses and make me numb without thoughts. It's Same how you indulge in dance and leaves your identity of dancer. Hearty thanks for showering such a wonderful inner flow to outside world.

  3. This is the best explanation of the role that Kali plays in the lives of her followers and it's expressed in dance. It is so valuable because there is sooo much nonsense surrounding this form of the Divine Mother and it can really scare you away from Hinduism which is unfortunate.

  4. Even in purANAs we have female characters like tAdakai, soorpaNagai and poothanA to name a few.
    But they are not the real role model women to be highlighted. They were Negative characters.
    Everywhere and in every thing we have the good, the bad and the ugly.
    The difference lies only in the % of distribution.
    I have learned from Poojya Gurus that A man who has the qualities of a woman may become a Saint.
    A woman who has the qualities of a man may become a patita aka a
    fallen woman.
    Whether this is true or not is debatable and I am not going to prove or disprove anything.
    In the country where I live now, I am surrounded by liberated women.
    They decide to do whatever they want with their body, mind and soul.
    When they walk the earth trembles.
    When they talk they create noise pollution.
    When they close a door, the whole building vibrates.
    So much for the feminine qualities – which can be known only from the books in the Future. 😳

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