MY IDEAL DAY | Weekend Vlog | Yoga, Paddleboarding, Snacks, New Activewear

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Yall! This is a vlog that I was so happy to edit and upload for you guys to watch! An ideal day is needed by so many of us and I encourage you to do things that really fill your cup on any given day! I hope that this gives you a little inspo to put yourself first once in a while and I hope you enjoy!
My Stats:
~140 lbs
25-26” waist
Size 2-4 in jeans
small in leggings
32-34D bra
Size small sports bra
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– how old are you? 24 (January 1998)
– how tall are you? 5’8”
– where are you from? Kansas, USA

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  1. 11:51 If a genie gave me three wishes, in addition to world peace and more wishes, I'd ask for this. I know all of our bodies are different and special, but sigh so much of my mental energy goes into thinking about how many calories are in every little thing that I eat.

  2. Awesome high quality content Libby! I noticed that you are gaining muscle while being ripped. Great job! . I have trouble getting enough calories in all of the time. Not a big eater. I'm 6'4" 215lbs. and would like to put on more muscle. Have a blessed day.

  3. You are very much becoming one of my top three favs… you , azlia, livfit, kk twins… love you ladies so much y’all like are my life coaches I wonder how many others feel the same.

  4. Love!! This was enjoyable seeing you do things you love. I love yoga, reading by the pond, picnics, & hiking.. you’re definitely helping me get ideas of things to incorporate especially “thinking” things like legos. I’m going to learn to swim so I can actually enjoy the lake when I go lol

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