My 5AM Morning Routine | Yoga | Cold Shower

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Want to know how to wake up at 5am? Then follow this routine

I was once quite anti-cold-shower-gang, used to think have a day off, but after going through some what of a self improvement phase, viewing life and this world differently I started to take on board certain things I used to scoff at

FYI, I don’t wake up everyday at 5am, I’m not quite at that Navy Seal level yet, but when I’m finding that work is increasing, I can easily dip into this particular routine in order for me to become more productive

00:00 Pre 5am routine
00:50 5am morning routine
01:08 10 minute stretch routine
2:33 Cold shower
02:47 Morning routine tips
04:14 Work setup
05:55 Meal timings
07:49 Delts & Triceps
09:18 Fred Again Boiler Room
11:07 Sleep biohacks
14:32 Manscaped
15:36 London to Brighton cycle

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