Move – A 30 Day Yoga Journey | Yoga With Adriene

It’s here! It’s free. It’s fun. It’s never too late to create long term change. This program is an invitation to move better, feel better, and improve brain and body function significantly.

Learn more about the journey and sign up here!

Movement is how we engage with life. So, how you move matters.

This program tells a story and creates opportunities for experiencing and understanding what true health really means through the lens of yoga, movement, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

Practice movement for processing, building muscle tone, releasing stress hormones, nourishing the nervous system, decreasing anxiety and boosting joy!

MOVE kicks off JANUARY 1st! (With the yoga starting on Jan 2nd!)

MOVE is here on YouTube, but includes free supplemental goodies to support you on your journey sent via EMAIL. Sign up for free to receive your instructions and free supplemental goodies that will accompany and support you on your journey.

Accountability is awesome! So invite 1-5 people to do this with you, NOW!

Get ready to nurture a new relationship with your body.

Let’s move together.

SHOUT out to FWFG APP Members for making this 2022 Journey possible!

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  1. I don't want to be affected by this disease anymore. Please answer my comment……
    I am suffering from anxiety disorder, can I be healthy if I do this yoga?

  2. Today is the first day of February and after moving 30 days with Adriene in January during a wonderful premiere experience with people all around the world, I just did my yoga practice. I got so used to the daily yoga practice that I will keep doing. Just here to thank Adriene for that! Namaste 🙏

  3. Hi from me, Gillian in the UK. So VERY grateful to Adrian and assisting me to rediscover Yoga in my late 50's. I practiced Hatha yoga in my 20's. During Lock down last year, I discovered Adrian and now practice as often as possible with Adrian's wonderful sessions, Me and my labrador Ebony, who just gets really Zen along side me- just like Benji!!! Adrian is truly a blessing, and I always send her blessings at the end of practice with her 💖

  4. Ooft! I took a very deliberate two day break, and was back on the mat today!
    Adriene, this journey is helping me so much. Maybe it's a right time, right place kind of thing, but I feel you are the right person for me, in this moment. I am connecting with my shut down parts, my frustrated and hurt parts (was mid way through RYTT200 when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2020). I haven't been able to establish a meaningful practice again until now…. Thank you for teaching and breathing love.

  5. I have followed adrienne since i was in high school almost eight years ago and shes has been such a mega-beautiful influence on my soul path and life ♡

  6. I started having interest and practicing yoga, January of 2021, during quarantine and haven't stopped since!! its what helped me the most with my anxiety and breathing and its the best to know that i can have a healthy and mindful way of taking care of my mental health without having to go to medication!! I found out about Adrienne April, last year, and I've loved her videos since then, my favorites are the yoga for cramps, bedtime yoga which I do almost everyday and sunrise yoga. I couldn't be more grateful for Adrienne allowing for us to access all of this for free, just demonstrates how beautiful of a soul she is. This is my first year doing this program and I'm already so excited!!

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