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The morning and evening tend to be the most power full times energetically to practice yoga. This morning yoga workout will flow through a full body warm up to help you build up a sweat and raise your core temperature gradually before going into some deep stretches along with some strengthening for the abs, glutes, upper body, core and posterior chain.


A well balanced practiced starts slow and calm to help you ground and calm the nervous system. Then slowly helps you to build heat in order to reduce risk of injury during deep stretching. By following this format in today’s video, you’ll feel more confident goind deeper into your poses as you move with precision and awareness, instead of just collapsing mindlessly into joint-offending end ranges.

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I hope you dig today’s video. If you do please let me know in the comments section so I can make more videos like this for you.

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  1. Thank you for always explaining in detail the correct form and how to maintain it, it helps a lot, especially if you're a beginner like me. I loved the music!

  2. Good Morning and THANK YOU, Tim!! 💖💖 As always, a nice flow and the music added to the calming process, esp on this cold, windy and rainy morning in the NE (11/12/21@9am). It helped warm my inner self. 😊 I esp want to thank you for the transition from that squat into crow, which I can't always hit, but this time it was a hit.👏👏 I even went back and did it again after class. Thanks for every great flow classes …………..🙏🏾💖…..Namaste!

  3. Music was a good touch. Ever do yoga with hang drum music? Strongly suggest it for a stronger flow. Very peaceful practice. As always thanks Tim!

  4. Thank You Tim That was really what I needed today to get me focused. The music was wonderful really helped me focus more. You are an amazing teacher!

  5. Another wonderful morning practice! Thanks Tim!! I am so very grateful for you and your commitment to teaching in a positive, safe and all-rounded way. Have a great day!!!

  6. Loved the music addition, I'd be into music like this in future videos every now and then if you're feeling it, Tim! I joined the Conscious Movement Community to see more videos and soak up your guidance. Thank you for your energy, practice and engagement style – your playfulness, nurturing essence and ability to connect yoga practice directly into every moment in and out of a yoga practice are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  7. Really enjoyed the flow — touched all the things! I’m going to have to be a detractor on the music though — one of the reasons I enjoy your classes so much is because they are down to earth and genuine, which seems a different place than where the music was coming from. Made it seem like you were trying to cover up the neighborhood barking dogs! Poor dogs. But anyhow, keep up the good work and the authentic you. Thank you for teaching!

  8. The music disturbs the perfect setting of nature, view and Tim's voice and presence. Why music? Feels too artificial.

  9. I love your sadhanas…I had done so many of the same practice but this taken me to different level and I feel so good with my low back and my spine. Love your dedication. Thank you for your postings.

  10. As a long time CMC member I felt a pull to do this youtube practice today and I'm so glad I did….this is perfection…the flow, the setting…loved this! Thank you! Recommend anyone who loves Tim's youtube channel to check out CMC!! Namaste Peace 🙂

  11. Great practice, Tim! 💛 Loved the music in the background. My focus, going in and over all calmness was much better w/ it. It's really nice that you incorporated it in your practice! 👍 Thank you! Namaste! 😊🙏

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