1. I do your yoga classes every day. Thnkyou sooo much for posting these. Can’t wait to see what the next sesh is like ✨💜 p.s. loving the settings that you record in

  2. Anyone know where I can find the tune that is played beneath this video? It’s so calming and I just want to listen to it all day!

  3. i sweaaaar i've been so lazy these months and have no motivation to start doing something for my body.. the anxiety is also hard sometimes… but hearing ur voice in this video and this ''tutorial'' is the perfect point to start. i can't thank u enough for sharing!!!!!!! sending much love and light to you! you are simply unique😔❤💥!!

  4. I appreciate the longer black screen ending! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve finished a practice, feeling so peaceful, eyes closed. Then the video ends and an ad plays so loud. I was bracing myself and then was pleasantly surprised. Awesome practice thank you.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try yoga but I’ve been consistent with it. I saw this video and immediately put everything aside to try it. Thank you for the motivation 🙂

  6. King to even see yoga !!! Mainly because I think you're doing VERY good, you're good at it, I need tens of years for this level !! someone hasn't gotten this far in their whole life, don't let this donation be wasted !!! Anyway, all my appreciation is something to do !! Take care of yourself there in the WILD !!

  7. Hi Isabel, I do this morning vinyasa with my window open, 🪟 here in Wisconsin. I feel connected w you Both doing yoga in the cold fresh air. A real nice spiritual connection. Namaste .

  8. I love your yoga videos, it's not trying to be anything other than a yoga practice. Such a beautiful setting and your voice is so soothing, and the instructions are very clear. Thanks Isabel, I found your channel a couple of months ago and I adoreeee it!

  9. Yoga is not from God…. Any meditation should focus on God, not us. This life isn't about us, or our feeling's… Its about God and his desires for us…

  10. I completely lost myself in this practice and feel a lot more grounded now. Your voice is very soothing and perfect for today! Thank you

  11. wonderful practice and video! It really helped me a lot! Thank you Isabel <3 Greetings from Greece

  12. Omgee this was so hard for me .. it feels good though like a good exercise and meditation combined. I loved it please do more 🤎🥰

  13. Alguien más al ver las iniciales “ makinglove.uno ” pensó:




    ? Xd xd. Un abrazo fred! Siempre veo tus videos u me entretengo además de aprender cosas

  14. Unsubscribing not only because you are a liar, but because you deleted the call of a person whose life is at risk because of you! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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