Meditation for Anxiety – Yoga With Adriene

15 Minute Meditation For Anxiety guides you through a simple at home meditation to provide relief from anxiety, stress, and energetic imbalance. Find a comfortable seat, tune into your breath, and soften. Return to this practice regularly for preventative care. Great for beginners!

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  1. Adriene thank you for this video as everyone of us go through this phase at a point in our lives…Yu are such a wonderful soul…Blessed to know someone like you…The world need people like you🙇🙇
    I wish you all colours of happiness from dawn to dusk everyday…much love from India♥♥

  2. This really helped me. I’ve been having anxiety due to energies surrounding old patterns that have been showing up, as well as a hectic environment, and I’m just grateful to have made this decision to release the anxiety. Took off work today, which was a wonderful choice, so this day is really needed for some solitude and going within. Bless your heart! ✨🙏🏻💫🌟💙

  3. Sharyl Sandburg "lean in, and give your emotional body a seat at the table"

    She's such a spiritual teaching giving us perspective and making us think more deeply about everything in the universe.

    I did this laying down because I always start to wobble when seating when doing her meditations. So relaxing. I love it.

    I have been a fan sense her first video. It was only Ekhart Yoga on youtube before her. And no one was doing constant uploads before her. She started this basically.

    Edit: Ok maybe doyogawithme had a few uploads back then, or maybe they came just after, I forget. But she literally is the goat.

  4. Feeling sick and lonely in the middle of the night. Watching the view count go up on this video is making me feel better. Doing the meditation did too of course! xxx

  5. Adriene,I wild really appreciate if I consider making a video about how to control or to relate throat tension arriving during the anxiety!!😇🤗😫😥

  6. I've never had anxiety but since i got corona its been sky high i feel anxious all the time, life doesnt feel the same way i even got a panic attack but this video helped me a lot thank you.

  7. Could you tell me what background music you are using- I believe it will help me sleep in addition to this meditation I can share music with my brother undergoing cancer treatments. Thank you in advance for what you are giving to the world.

  8. The most wonderful meditation session, especially for anxiety which I struggle with. I'm grateful & thankful to you from the bottom of my heart, Adriene ❤️

  9. I've struggled with anxiety for the past few years. The Covid-19 situation has made it worse. And a few days back an old chest muscle injury flared up out of nowhere. Just like when it happened for the first time, my mind made me think I was having heart related issues. Thankfully the doctor said it was muscles related & not heart related. After a week of rest, I began light workouts as per the doctors advice. Yesterday night I felt a slight ache in my side breast. Of course, my mind made me think it could now be breast cancer, apparently I'm an oncologist now. I know it's the muscle & my reports are fine but it's like my mind is making mountains out of molehills. I mean if it's not this, then something else to overthink about, anxiety sucks it's the worst ! I meditate on a daily basis but after having a panic attack last night, I really felt the need to change my method. First 5 minutes with Adrienne, I was in tears. At the end, I feel much lighter & the tightness in my chest is gone. I'm so thankful & grateful you exist ❤️

  10. I keep coming back to this meditation since i found it, no other meditation out there is that effective, million thanks for the great comfort you bring to our life🙏❤

  11. Love’s point of view and understand what it
    is, what causes it. Love elevates us from the dreamland of
    judging and criticizing into the world of Happiness,
    understanding and acceptance – the world of our own
    dream made real. ~ Yuri Spilny

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