Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro 16" Product Tour

Unlock pure, unstoppable power with the Yoga Slim 7 Pro. This incredibly compact, ultra-thin laptop packs a 120Hz touchscreen, the advanced architecture of AMD Ryzen 5000H series processors and NVIDIA’s world-beating RTX 3050 graphics. The QHD 16″10 display features 100% sRGB color accuracy and ultra-thin bezels on a huge 16″ screen, giving you some crucial added work space.


  1. Lenovo laptops are bad. My Yoga 730 has problems with network connectivity, overheating and battery problems. Unfortunately, I am not the only one having these problems.
    Do yourself a favor and go for another brand. With Lenovo quality is not the main focus.

  2. pls if you launch 2in1 with 120 hz im gonna bawl my eyes out BCS I JUST BOUGHT YOGA 7i 2in1 3 MONTHS AGO KJSDBCKHDSBVHAXBJEWBX i mean imagine 120 hz in 2in1 laptop hhhhhhh thats…. aaaaaaa i thought it'd take 2 years or more before 120hz is available in any laptop:")

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