Lenovo Yoga 9i Product Tour Video (2022)

The new Yoga 9i convertible laptop designed so you can enjoy the way you want to, with an unequaled entertainment experience and delivering superior performance with up to 12th gen Intel Core i7 processor checking all the boxes for performance, portability, and entertainment.

Learn more at www.lenovo.com/CES.


  1. I want to buy this product from SINGAPORE store, but they dont have, i want to buy also X1 carbon gen 9…they dont have it馃槺馃槺馃槺but the things make me sade i check all big electronic stores ( courts, Best, challenger,harveynorman…..)
    Important things for lenovo be sure your product availability in the market, then of not why you put this video 28-01-2022 and this product not available 馃う馃う馃う

  2. I won't buy a Lenovo Yoga product ever again. 3 years in and I can't wait to buy a proper laptop in the near future.
    Touchscreen won't work anymore, and it clicks randomly on the screen, irritating me. The battery was pretty shit from the beginning and some numbers and function keys won't work from time to time. Be careful what you buy, especially if you are a student!
    Next purchase its probably gonna be the new Macbook Pro.
    Only the Legion series it's probably worth buying from Lenovo.

  3. Lenovo all I'm asking of your new 6th gen ryzen and 12th gen intel laptops is silence. Optimise the cooling solution to fit the new silicon perfectly. I feel like unoptimized fans and cooling are the biggest problems with the current windows notebooks. I'm counting on the engineers at Lenovo to fix this!

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