Lenovo IdeaPad (Yoga) Slim 7 Carbon (OLED): MOVE OVER XPS 13?

This is the unboxing and first look review of the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 Carbon by Andrew Marc David
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Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon:
Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 Carbon: (Lenovo)

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Video Index:
00:00 Intro
01:16 Specs & Pricing
02:03 Unboxing, Build & Size
03:27 Ports & Connections
04:11 User Upgradeability & Internals
05:25 Display
07:15 Webcam & Internal Mics
08:04 Hinges, Keyboard & Touchpad
09:29 CPU & Initial Benchmarks
10:13 61Wh Battery and Rapid Charge Express
10:52 Audio
11:17 Pros & Cons
12:58 Initial Thoughts after 48 hrs


  1. If you live in Germany be aware that the Lenovo online shop by default sends you the wrong power supply with the wrong three pin connector. The Lenovo customer support can not correct this and will tell you that it was your fault and then you have to cancel the whole order and to place a new one! Also the trackpad is always ratterling whenever you touch it, a common issue with so many laptops today. Lenovo claims this laptop to run up to 14 hours on battery.

  2. VGA port, that鈥檚 pretty random if you鈥檙e buying a new laptop in 2022 lol. Ethernet or SD card slot would have been better but I guess it鈥檚 better than nothing.

  3. Also does this laptop have a clattering touchpad like most Lenovo Yoga/Ideapad laptops? My Yoga Slim 7 Pro and Idea 5 Pro both have a clattering touchpad, as do the ones I've tested at various stores. Thanks for your review, finally we could see the part more closely. It would be great if you could go into more detail about the touchpad clicking sounds in your reviews. How loud it sounds when you click and if it rattles when you tap. Thank you and keep it up.

  4. This looks incredible for the price. I have the most faith in Lenovo tbh along with Apple (now) for quality of hardware.

    Just battery life and touch quality and LTE (seems missing) would be the missing pieces of the puzzle for that price.

    Stunning review and attention to detail AS ALWAYS!

  5. My Dream Yoga Slim 7i Carbon
    Intel 12th Gen Core i7-1280P
    2K Touch Screen 13Inch OLED Display with slim bezels
    1080p FHD + IR Webcam with 4 Mics Array
    60Wh Battery with Above 20Hours Battery Life
    Ports锛3x Thunderbolt 4 Type-C + 1x Type-C Gen 3.2 with DP and PD Always On + 3.5mm Audio Combo Jack + Multi Format Card Reader
    Features锛歐ebcam Switch and Microphone Switch + Fingerprint Reader Built Into Power Button
    2TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 SSD
    Wifi 6E
    BT 5.2

  6. Thanks Andrew! But I don't think this laptop is worth buying. Lenovo featured a Yoga 7i (14" and 16") laptops in CES 2022. It comes with 1080p FHD webcam, 2-ports Thunderbolt 4 and 2-ports 3.2 USB-A ports, 16:10 – 2.8K OLED touchscreens, PCIe4 SSD. I'll wait for that.

  7. Some thoughts about what to review. Based on your reviews which I like a lot, I bought an HP Ryzen 360 Envy in early 2021. I had a good experience with a Covered Warranty repair caused by me. I have recommended your reviews to interested friends and colleagues.

    My ideal next laptop (used mostly as a desktop but light enough to travel with) would be 16" (new aspect ratio), enough ram to handle many open Windows (about 20 are open now), 512 or 1 TB SSD, 1080p camera, good connectivity, decent sound for occasional movie. Most of my use is Quickbooks, mail, MS Office, YouTube, simple gaming, content creation, (I do some web sites using MS Sharepoint and some photo editing). I would want good color accuracy, fast, 3 yr accidental damage Warrantee (it was red wine last time). The price should be about $1500 or so. Some people love or hate HP but in general, I'm happy with HP. My last 6 were HP except 1 13" Asus about 7 years ago that I gave to my son and is still working well with a large screen monitor and external keyboard. I have been pleased with the Ryzen processor and would lean that way, especially since they've introduced some interesting new cost-effective processors.
    Perhaps more of your viewers would have similar desires.
    You might invite viewers to describe their ideal laptop and use those choices to drive your reviews.
    Thank you for all your efforts. I look forward to your next review. Happy 2022.

  8. If only the display could be 4K. I notice all the Lenovo video picture quality is a bit pale and the contrast is not very big. The voice from the front mics is ok. It looks nice.

  9. It is nice! But…the newer XPS 13 just looks gorgeous! I will await for your full review anyway.
    I already have a laptop that I will not need to upgrade for a couple of years, but your channel has me hooked on the new products. I may have developed a new kind of fetish! 馃槈

  10. Nice PC. The webcam was slightly better than the other 720p webcams but that is not saying much. I agree a 1080p webcam would have been better. Microphones sounded good and clear (not muffled sound). Excellent display. The dongle supplied should have included an SD card slot and also another USB-C port. This way one does not lose a USB-C port when using this. Remember this PC only has two functional USB-C ports when it is plugged in to external power. Excellent review.

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