Full Body Yoga for Strength & Flexibility | 25 Minute At Home Mobility Routine

Powerful Yoga Workout for Strength & Flexibility. Join us for a 25 Minute Flow. Open the hips, the shoulders, and tap into your core strength.


👉🏼 No equipment
👉🏼 50 seconds on each exercise, 10 seconds rest (time for moving to the next exercise)
👉🏼 No Repeat


Tabata is an advanced level of the workout and is not suitable for beginners. If you are a newbie start with simple and easy exercise before attempting Tabata. Performing Tabata, in the beginning, might strain your muscles and you may get injured.

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  1. Loved this routine! It's usually hard for me to motivate myself to work out or stretch, but this was very enjoyable! Relaxing but strengthening at the same time

  2. Very interesting set of positions and exercises however the music playlist doesn't help with the "strength" part of this routine… would have enjoyed something more energetic. Thank you anyway for this workout

  3. Just love it. After having unbearable headache and back pain for a week, I recharge myself with this session. Feels so good!

  4. Great exercises and pace! Music selection not so good. Why should I get reminded of my past partners when I just came here to stretch? Anyways, thanks for sharing this.

  5. Between the dinging bells and the horrible country music this is about the most unzen useless yoga video I've done on youtube.

  6. Not trying to be negative on here. I rarely ever comment,Just constructive criticism; I do almost all my yoga at home and I don’t like how this video is put together. It’s clearly not made for people who like to listen along and keep their eyes closed. There’s definitely a flow to this video but it’s more of a workout that has incorporated some yoga positions,not yoga. Definitely seams meant more for people who do yoga to be “trendy”. These poses won’t do you anything for you in less you hold and breather there for a few second. This is a good video to see if you can get in these positive and just flow. Sometimes the hardest part is holding a position.Okay,I’m done depositing my 5¢ Have a good day all ✌🏻

  7. The information on yoga exercise provided by you for depression is very much beneficial for patients suffered from depression. Depression is very common disease and affect persons in any age of life. Planet Ayurveda Bramhi and Ashwagandha capsules are two most good options for treatment of depression.

  8. The last 60 seconds are the best😂. I am starting to get into fitness and I am amazed to see how easily they do the asana in the video.

  9. Loved the video, thank you! Would love to have the playlist sons played during this if possible they were very uplifting ❤️❤️

  10. I have started following you with this exercise for abouot 2 weeks and gain much my strength to complete almost next sweaty tabata, hiit and workout. At the beginning it is impossible to push up but now I can catch up with the pace in this yoga practice thoroughly. Thank you for many inspiring excercise!

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