Explaining the Faith – New Age: Yoga, Reiki, Ouija Boards, Horoscopes

Does the Church allow Yoga, Reiki, Ouija Boards, Horoscopes, dream catchers, Astrology, Tai Chi, tarot cards, etc., or are these New Age superstitions? Fr. Chris Alar explains.

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  1. If astrology is against the christian doctrine why did the astrologers-Magi selected to be the persons who searched for the Saviour? I dont quite agree with this version.Please study astrology first before declaring that it is not a science.

  2. Although the Magi followed the stars to find Jesus, we later read that astrology will fail. I have always seen the Magi following the stars to show that even those who might think that stuff works is pointed to Jesus, since all creation proclaims God. After finding God, they should realize the astrology must be abandoned. So for that one event, God made sure it would work so all people would be drawn to Jesus–the Truth.

  3. Excellent Father … thank you so much for all your research and making this video. I am from Canada and dealt with reiki back in the 80’s that was taught through a prayer house run by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Unfortunately no one saw anything wrong with it…. I went to the bishop at the time but although he agreed with me, the other priests in the diocese had no problem with it, so nothing was done. To this very day, it is still being taught along with many other New Age pagan practices. I so appreciate this video. God bless you.

  4. I have no desire to practice new age. However I do have some dream catchers in my room because one of them my dad got for me when he was still alive. I also have one with a yin-yang ☯ on it. I keep them for aesthetic purposes only. Have a blessed day/night.

  5. Hey handsome, still a tease I see…heeheehee! I love your content and your delivery Mr. Nick A. ❤️

  6. Thank you so much for doing this talk. So much important information! Gob Bless you Father Chris!

  7. I know so many people involved in yoga. Most are also involved in tarot cards they greet each other with "namaste" recognizing the God within. They release what does not serve. Otherwise they are their own God and if you don't serve them they will cut you off. They do not serve others. It's all about them. This pastor is correct in all he said.

  8. Now we know that anybody burning sweet grass and praying to Our Mother Earth is a Satanist. This is very helpful.

  9. Thank you,Father Chris – you save us time to do all the research and so convenient to attend catechesis online. I've learned more from you more than the years I was at the school. God bless you and all the works you do for the church and to give glory to God, Almighty.

  10. I had a dream catcher when I was young above my bed. I had all kinds of demon dreams, horrible nightmares

  11. I have been practicing Tai Chi (Chen Style, Imperial Yuan and Chi Gong) obtained the filling can move the rings etc for 10 years and have not had any negative issues. It helps with my PTSD and actually improved my lung capacity to 101% as measured by a recent Pulmonary Lung Test. Why is Tai Chi lumped in with these other practices if there have only been positive results?

  12. How is saying a novena dangerous or superstitious? Is the scapular superstitious? Is the Rosary superstitious, are the prayers given to Saint Bridget from Sweden superstitious? When Jesus assended into heaven, he told Mary and the disciples to pray for nine days, and he would give them a gift. He gave the disciples the gifts of tongues.

  13. Can somebody please confirm that on 29:38 when he talks about false private revelation he means the likes of father "Michel Rodrigue"? . On other catholic channels it has been strongly indicated that what father "Michel Rodrigue" claims, is very likely not coming from God.

  14. My 58 years old Hindu mother was a devout Hindu all her life until she got into the clutches of Yoga. Even today also she is a devout Hindu but has become a very different person. Anyone who met her years ago can tell the difference in her aura. She is like an entire different person. All she does now days is, try to bring anyone she meets into the Yoga cult and talk about Yoga all the time, like a devil possessed. If this was less then that Yoga pushed her towards vegetarianism and that has made her crankier and worrisome. Before getting into Yoga I never saw her worried, now days she worries about everything. Need not to say health is falling rapidly (so what is the help of Yoga?). This is what Yoga did to Indian Hindu woman living in India, why do you guys think it will do good to anyone of you. In recent decades 2 things have increased in India, one is fad of Yoga and second is people have become angrier and more resentful.

    Do not fall for it guys. Stay away from it!

  15. Come on. When people pray to God or saints it's usually about some life situation and and outcome. Which is asking the dead about the future outcome of such and such situation.

  16. Please check Alex Frank's testimony and his experiences, a former yogi who has done an indepth research and study in this evil thing. How his search and thirst for true eternal life led him to CATHOLASISM. His testimony is available on youtube channel named Pints with Aquinas.

  17. What about nde’S and the visions they bring!! They are becoming more common and transform people completely

  18. I can't find what Dr. Alar said about confession. Does anyone remember? He said no one ever reports this in confession and now I can't find it.

  19. This is 1 of THE BEST talks & explanations I've heard so far…. So inspiring & educative… Please keep coming up with such talks… GOD BLESS 😊 ❤️

  20. Thanks Fr. Chris for this Conference. It is very enlightening and Educational, as usual. I pray for you, that the Holy Spirit continue strengthening your Vocation and giving you all His Spiritual Gifts abundantly. Also, that our Lord, Jesus Christ give you health and a long life to continue giving Education to His Flock, Conversions and fulfilling His goals through your Mission. Amen! 🙏🏻

  21. It does say there will be signs in nature,the heavens,and from men.
    Not many people noticed that on June 2015 the star of Bethlehem shone in the sky for the first time in 2000 years . It is a supernova created by Jupiter and Venus coming together. It was visible in the constellation of the lion “Leo” . I don’t think the positions of the stars is wrong? This is how they told different times of the year and months? At any rate it’s sad to say that it could be seen by the whole world. If only people could look up to heaven and not at our phones and technology all the time. Just imagine if Jesus came again and no one even noticed? Ask yourself would you?
    God bless

  22. Thank you for another great talk Fr. Chris 🙂 At the end of this talk, you mentioned that "there's a great book about the Church the last decades", may I ask what book this is? I am always looking for more good, catholic-approved books to read to learn more about the Faith… So when I heard the words "great book", my ears kinda pricked up 😅

  23. People need to know that all the spirits who they conjure don't answer for free. There is always a cost. They wait till that persons spirit becomes available, they wait for the person to die or if they get impatient they can cause accidents or worse still they cause so much misery that eventually leads to sucide. Please don't involve with this 🙏

  24. Father Alar,, can you do a teaching on the topic on Apostasy amongst the Faithful. Thank you and God bless you all.

  25. In massage therapy, they introduced us to each one of these "techniques". I told them I don't believe in any of these and they were not going to do anything…

  26. Great talk! But, I'm a little confused. Even if there was no distinction between astrology and astronomy, if it was used to FORECAST wars, epidemics and births of kings; then isn't that divining?

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