1. I visited your page poplex
    When I see the prices,for me it so expensive huhu
    (I realized I can't afford everything, I'm poor huhu)

  2. Stooppp I’ve been dying for these flair leggings but every time the they always give me camel toe! Tysm 🥺

  3. Honestly all her products are amazing and every single one blows me away!! So creative and loves how she incorporates details other companies don’t making the best out of each product!

  4. I love these! And the gym bag you made. Can we buy them? Does anyone know if she has an online shop we could purchase some of the things she makes from???

  5. I wish I could buy from your store but I'm to young so i won't fit The clothes but mabey when I'm older

  6. I love this design, it would be cool if they were brown too!! Especially these could possibly be used for designing outfits! LOVE YOUR WORK MISS GIRL!! ❤️❤️❤️😆😆

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