Day 5 of 5 days Yoga For Spine Flexibility & Health || Yoga For Beginners

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Don’t forget to add a warm-up and a few repetitions of Suryanamaskara before you start.

Accessaries we use

Wooden Yoga Block Brick

Yoga Mats (cork)

Yoga Mats (TPE)

Camera used :
Camera Lens
Canon EF50MM F/1.8 STM :
Sigma 105mm F2.8 :

Rode Mic :

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Surya Namaskara

How to get your leg forward during Suryanamaskara

Basic Warm Up Before Yoga |

Yoga for PCOD |

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  1. Neha sister iam Arun when iam in tights Iam so comfortable to stretch but bomb is coming for some exercises ,will it come for you also say frankly neha

  2. Hi Neha, Billion thanks. After a big snow, I suffered pain in my hips and lower back as a result of clearing my driveway. Following along your videos with playback speed .75 about three weeks and my pain was slowly going away. Today finally off pain killers. I am so grateful for your channel.😀

  3. Thank you so much Neha for this amazing series 🙏🏻Can u please make some videos for vericose vains cure and pain in legs due to long time standing work 🙏🏻

  4. Hi Neha 🖐️ feeling so relaxed after the practice. Neha, I request you to kindly make a video on yoga series for Cardiac and post cardiac surgery Elderly patients. It will be really helpful for many people as cardiac issue is very common now a days. Thank u💜

  5. Hi. Please make a pre-preparation video for pashchimottanasana & one legged bakasana. Also please make a video on how to do the jumps in the suryanamaskaras.

  6. Mam huge request please please do whole body flexibility for beginners 10 days session in 10 min please please 🙏

  7. When I started watching your videos for practice, it reminded me of BLR, on googling I found out that you ARE in BLR!
    Rooftop Yoga ! I used to live in NGV too:) Will definitely visit your center when I come to BLR next.
    You are an amazing yoga guru, thank you for inspiring ! More power to you 🙌

  8. Hi Neha! All your yoga videos are really inspiring but had a request if you could upload a routine where it doesn't involve asanas which are really difficult for people like me to perform. For example headstand. A simple routine which can be followed on daily basis. Also your meditation series has helped me a lot. Thanks and lots of love to "yoga for cure"

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