BYN : Yoga Se Hi Hoga Feat. Harleen Sethi

Legend has it that Nick can go to any extent to impress someone, especially if that someone is a girl and especially if that girl is Harleen. This time, he has followed her to a Yoga club.

#BeYouNick #HarleenSethi #Yoga

Produced by : Nick
Directed by : Vivek Menon, Nick
Written by : Nick
Dialogues by : Omkar Shinde
DOP : Vivek Menon
Assistant DOP : Omkar Shinde
Edited by : Sushant Chopdekar
Colourist : Kunal Tiwari
Title Animation : Amit Arulkar
Sound Design : Rohit Madhusudanan
Thumbnail : Bhavika Patil
Production Manager : Anant T
On Set Sound : Manoj Agrahari , Munna (Bless Films Pvt Ltd.)
Camera Rig and Equipments : Bless Films
Lights : Bless Films

Cast : Nick, Harleen Sethi, Sarvesh Shashi, Vivek Menon


  1. For all the yoga practising viewers and new comers, this is just a joke nothing serious. Its for comedy purpose. Yoga is nothing like this. Yoga is a way to prepare you body for spiritual awakening and it needs discipline and control over senses. Bythe way this video was funny.

  2. Guys..subtitles've pan India following..and there can be ppl who are below average with Hindi like me..
    I couldn't understand the twist as I couldn't understand the last dialogue..aaj…..what?

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