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Your Free 30 Day Yoga Journey for 2021 is here! We begin Jan 1st.
Join me for 30 Days of Conscious Breath! To start your Free 30 Day Yoga Journey, sign up at

A whisper
A wave
A friend
A vehicle
A birthright
An opportunity
To grow
To ourselves
And one another

This whole program is yours, at no cost. No catch. No trial run. No payment info collected. It’s a real gift- from my heart to yours.

Made for you. This series is designed for all levels. Complete beginner to advanced. If you are breathing right now, you are IN.

Modifications will be available. You will also receive more on what to expect in an email after you sign up. I got your back. I am here to guide you.

Join us by signing up at

Let me know if you are IN via the comment section down below!


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  1. Now that I finished Move I will start Breath tomorrow which I failed to do last year. I will be doing every 30 day Yoga journey this year 🙂

  2. Dear person who is reading this,
    I am starting the 30 days of yoga challenge today and I would love to share this journey and the miracles and little things that come along with this with someone else, who is starting their journey too.
    If you'd like to coumunicate, I would love to hear from you 😌
    Kind regards ❤

  3. Hey there! This is the 1st time I am writing anything, but I have wanted to so many times! I have been watching these at-home yoga videos religiously since August of 2012 (minus some time off during pregnancy lol), and man…I tell everyone I know about Yoga with Adriene. When I noticed that you were on the news, I flipped. The fact that I can keep getting into your videos regularly, having to make time for it when kids are running around and so many things need attention, that is really something for me. You had me at, "Get hot for your inner teacher…" amongst many other things- you have been like a ray of light and a breath of fresh air, all wrapped into a super-cool, relatable, person- and not to mention my entire BODY is just insane (well in my opinion for my age and having 4 children…I mean my core is strongggg) Anywhooo, I just have so much admiration and respect for the person you are and how you are able to do this- it is how you are able to really speak to me and how I keep coming back to the mat each day (the hardest part). I am sure you hear this stuff all the time, and honestly I have been wanting to comment on the actual videos for so long, but this was the first time I have used my laptop to get to Yoga with Adriene??? Furthermore, I LOVE BREATH! I already went through it once, but now I am on Day 14 for the 2nd go round. This is really long, my bad. Hope you see this one day….. Sincerely, Rosemary B. =)

  4. To anyone looking to start a yoga program and fearing not being fit, this breath series will work for you. I am 62 and had done basically nothing for a year, I used to be fit but was so stiff I didn’t know if I could last or manage to do this. I have just finished my 6 time through this program, 180 days, and it is a mainstay of my life and fitness and breath. I cannot tell you the difference in my flexibility, movement, breath work, meditation and strength, from the beginning until now. Just do what you can, go at your own pace, take breaks when you need to, just get on the mat 😊 You will forever be grateful to the beautiful Adriene as I am. Namaste 🙏💕

  5. Day one for a few times but I am really trying to hold myself accountable to staying on the track I put for myself. I know the benefits at the end of this journey will help my overall well being. So with that as a reminder, I can’t wait for day 2.

  6. Doing this journey now. Rejuvenate today felt so very good. This whole series is exactly what I have needed to spark taking care of myself again. Thank you 💟

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