Bobby Lee: Yoga with Ari & Friends Day 7

Yogi Ari Shaffir is joined today by friend and fellow comedian Bobby Lee. Despite Bobby Lee’s Asian descent, he is not the best yogi partner. Though his lack of flexibility is obvious, he makes up for it by introducing Ari to some new moves with a political twist.

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Editing: Marisa Pellegrino – @marisa_pellegrino
Music: “Yoga With Ari & Friends”
Written & performed by: Pepper Goins – Rushmore Podcast


  1. This is literally the most fucking fun video I've watched in so long. I watch all of you guys all the time but this takes the cake right now. More Bobby and Ari doing yoga.

  2. This teaching yoga while being extremely mediocre at it is seriously hilarious. This could be an actual show.

    It’s also hilarious how you actually believe that the viewers will be doing this with you. Honestly it’s good enough to just watch. So funny.

  3. I just noticed the like button makes a cool animation, so then I clicked the dislike to see if it did an animation but it said “Feedback was sent to the creator” I didn’t want that. I clicked the like button again but ya anyway

  4. Why tf are you helping Ari with this? Fuck him. Y’all cN heal and be friends, but don’t help him stay relevant. You’re the only reason he’s been relevant to begin with. That and him almost getting canceled

  5. Ari got lucky covid hit after he made those comments but kobe dude got saved from being canceled. That and he's a pice of shot racist I remember how he did that thing back in the early 2000 where he took Mexicans looking for work and dropped them off in front of an Ice imigration place cuz he thought it was funny. Dudes a douche.

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