bbno$, Rebecca Black – yoga (Lyrics)

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๐ŸŽค Lyrics “yoga”:
I just woke up, 4 am and this girl already texting me, what the fuck bruh

Here we go!

Do a little yoga, do a little dance, baby come over, leave your mans!
Straight to the sofa, bad romance, baby canโ€™t wife, aint no chance
Aint no chance
Yeah there ain’t no chance, got about a 100 bands in fresh pants
Always eat leftovers not to fance
Labels tryna buy me, pshhh no chance!

Why the hell I buy her shit, I unno uh
Let her spend the money, get my expense up!
She wanna be a barbie girl, Iโ€™m a kendal
Fly to the future we can go on a benda

Up all night, getting lucky yeah you bet-cha
2 hondas and a tesla, extra
Up on a friday, thatโ€™s the agenda, bitch we getting down like rebecca

Fuck spirit
I ride G FO
Dumb lyrics
Im dumb rich tho
You a critic?
Im fantano
Shit a couple hits out, bitch no pepto

Only got one ball but my arm strong
Take a flight yeah quick down to hong kong
Made that money wide now that shit long
Iโ€™m always right
Aint no chance Iโ€™m wrong

come on over baby and Iโ€™ll show you how I get down
Itโ€™ll be your lil secret you donโ€™t have talk about
So close the door ya
Meet me down on the floor she
Got me screaming uhh
Britney gimme more
Never thought weโ€™d end up like this from the backseat to back of my crib
If youโ€™re nervous put your hands on my hips
Yeah thatโ€™s nice

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