Anyone do yoga with me? | Yoga and Gym

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Anyone do yoga with me? | Yoga and Gym
10 health benefits from yoga
1. Improved flexibility
New movements and stretches Will give you more flexibility Causing more movement in the adjacent area Over time you will have the flexibility of the hamstrings, back, shoulders and hips. As we get older, our flexibility will decrease. Especially when you spend a lot of time sitting Which causes pain and joint symptoms Which yoga will help reduce these processes
2. Causing strength
Many yoga postures require you to transfer your body weight in new ways. Including balancing on one leg (such as in a tree position) or bracing yourself with your arms (such as in the position of a dog with a bent face). Performing these postures by periodic breathing will increase muscle strength.

3. Increase muscle tightness
You can expect more muscle tone, which is a by-product of being stronger. Yoga helps to have long and decent muscles of the legs, arms, back and abdomen.

4. Better balance
Having a better balance is one of the major benefits you get from yoga as you get older. The posture that you have to stand on one leg and upside down posture for the expert is a good way to build strength from the core to help keep your body upright.

5. Help the health of the joints
The movement required for yoga is not very heavy. Allowing you to use your joints without causing injury Yoga also helps to increase the strength of the muscles around the joints, thus reducing the burden on the joints. People with arthritis problems tend to experience a lot of pain and more movement after a light, regular yoga practice.

6. Prevent back pain
Increased flexibility and strength can prevent certain causes of back pain. Many people with back pain spend too much time sitting in front of a computer or driving. Which causes tension in the body and presses the spine Which yoga can help resist those conditions

7. Teach you to breathe better
Most of us breathe shallow. And not really interested in breathing methods Yoga breathing practice called Pranayama Which will focus on breathing and teach you how to breathe deeper Which is beneficial to our body Some breathing helps to clear the airway. (Useful for people with allergies) and relax the nervous system. Which has benefits both physically and mentally, whether during training or outside of practice time
8. Calming the mind
Yoga asana (physical yoga posture) mainly focuses on physical The main focus To what the body is doing, resulting in your mind calming Yoga can also help you get to know meditation techniques, such as how to focus on your breath, free from thought. These skills have been proven useful in stressful situations such as childbirth, insomnia or even while having anxiety disorders.

9. reduce stress
Exercise is a good way to relieve stress. Which is especially true for yoga Because it is necessary to concentrate on various problems That bothers you in everyday life Regardless of whether small or large, it often disappears while practicing. This is considered a relaxation from stress-relieving things. Just like helping with the attitude towards your problem. The importance that yoga focuses on today can help you not get caught up in the past or anticipate the future. You will leave the yoga class with a more relaxed feeling before starting.

10. Increase self-confidence
Practicing yoga increases the connection between body and mind. Makes you more aware of your body During practice, you will learn to move a little to improve your posture. Makes you know your body better You will learn to accept your body as it is without judging it. Over time, these things will make you feel happier with your body. Increased confidence