645AR – Yoga (Official Video)

Official video for “Yoga” by 645AR.
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So much stacks just like Soulja
We dem niggas and Dey told ya we some shooters, pop like soda
I got racks , they stretch like YOGA 

big ass glock, it got a beam body drop , it drop like lean For that smoke I am a feen

Talk 2 racks cause they talk back I got bundles just like stackz
Run up a check quick like 4 Flat 

You ain’t gang you get that TAX
play with squad you gon get whacked 

Director/DoP/Edit/Sound- BRTHR
Character Design & 3D- Sam Hochman
VFX: Frender, Max Colt
CG Supervisor: Giusy Amoroso
3D Animation & Design- Selam X: Pascal Wiemers, Fernando Górgolas, Maxi Galgenmaier
Additional Music Produced by: Fulltac
Additional VFX: BRTHR
Producer: Sophia Rothbart, Sara Greco
Prod Co. Collider Studios
Studio Space: Timeshift Productions (Steve Romano)
Camera & Grip: Topher Maslanka, Andrew Peister, Ryan Morgan
MUA: Lauren Citera
Commissioner: Saul Levitz

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  1. So when you gonna grab Animal, Beaker, and Swedish Chef and do the diss remix of Danny Boy in response to 100 Kufis?

  2. Wtf is this can’t understand damn word get outta here with this fake rap waste of work and production and pay this is what happens with rap is crowded with BUMS

  3. someone stay steal my socks

    wee wee n* ate my toad

    we so shoot em pun like shaws

    I got racists taste like grapes

    tid dee is not got that beans

    barbie chubby chug a lotta leans

    barbra smokin' and morphine

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