6 Yoga Instructors vs 1 Fake | Odd One Out

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Nathania –
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K’Lynn –
Osiris –
Aurora –
Leo –
Jess –

00:00 Intro
00:42 Round 1
02:50 Round 2
06:10 Round 3
08:22 Round 4
10:50 Reveal

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  1. None of them are, its like Taco Bell employees talking about authentic Mexican food. People in India are rolling their eyes right now. No Hindu Yoga instructors?

  2. For the part if they want to continue, to see who’s it. They’ll either look at everybody else and if more of the majority already raised their hand, that’s when they raise their hand. But they 99.9% won’t be 1st. And they’ll also never not look at other people when voting

  3. 4:30 she said that she would like to hear the previous instructor before her to talk while doing yoga… while she did not say anything while doing her yoga routine???

  4. Wtf with this Karen of yoga. There is probably nothing more “yoga” than accepting where the body is at, where the mind is at, accepting it, as it changes daily, honoring it, speaking it and then moving on with your practice and or class in a way that supports it

  5. Wow. I couldn't possibly imagine that the most toxic environment in the square would come from "spiritual" people. How interesting. Isn't yoga about controlling the ego? Nathania seems to know all of the technicalities, but the root of all spiritual practices, which is staying judgment free and becoming one with the universe, is missing. How sad.

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