5 Min NO TALKING Morning Yoga At Home (🎵 Ed Sheeran – Tenerife Sea)

This is one of the most requested yoga classes so here it is! A no talking 5 min morning yoga class. This no talking yoga class allows you to freestyle your own sequence or take a peak at the screen and follow along with me. As always though, respect your limits and do what feels right. I hope you also enjoy the playlist i paired with it as well. I absolutely love listening to Ed Sheeran while practice gentle yoga poses, it makes it much more relaxing.

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  1. My first silent yoga! I normally do yoga using my phone in outdoor spaces away from my kids, also with my eyes closed frequently. I did really love the addition of music though. Maybe a chime or bell when you switch positions so I can fully relax into the positions Vs my anxious checking 😂

  2. Thank you for your many yoga flows a week and I am a Follower already. However, to be honest I struggled with this non-verbal flow as I found it difficult to follow when lying on my own mat.

  3. That was fun doing my own a little and following a little!
    Thanks for this different option💛

  4. I love how accommodating you are but I love the talking videos. Your voice is so serene and soft and I often close my eyes and wait for your cues. I support this videos for others but I prefer the regular ones. I am forever grateful for

  5. Hey, I am a silent follower, but I wanted to thank you for all your Yoga Videos. I do Yoga every morning with you and I always feel better afterwards. So big thanks!

  6. Beautiful 5 minutes well spent. Love the song 🎵… Happy Friday and thank you Birdie! 😊 🙏🏼 ❤

  7. I love your channel in general, and I love this idea. If you are going to do a no talking video, I think it would be great if the music didn't have lyrics either. I think the point of eliminating words is to help people quiet their minds. Hard not to think listening to Ed Sheeran (lol). Just my thoughts, you do you.

  8. Can’t WAIT to do this one! Thank you for these amazing sessions.

    Question: can we try a few more videos where you ask us to hug ourselves at the end of the session, right before “Namaste”?

    I don’t know if you remember, but I was the commenter a few months ago who’s trying to lose a lot of poundage and wound up crying when you asked us to hug ourselves in one of your videos. It was just something I badly needed, Bird, to feel OK with my body and to give myself that compassion I’d denied myself for so long.

    I haven’t caught up with all of your videos so please excuse me if you’ve done this a LOT already in previous videos. It is just such a touching few moments for me. ❤️

    Love and hope,

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