30 Min Yoga Workout For Results | Full Body Tone & Sculpt ⇒ SUMMER WARRIOR

This 30 min total body tone & sculpt workout was taken from our Exclusive Summer Warrior Series on Boho Beautiful Official. Join today for a FREE 7 Day Trial www.bohobeautiful.tv and enjoy the other workout classes from this series.

This 30 min full body yoga workout will awaken and fire up your body from the inside out. A powerful practice to create the perfect foundation for your summer body, slowly easing you into this series with yoga asanas and toning exercises that will build strength, power, and grace from the ground up.

Yoga Instructor- Juliana Spicoluk

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0:16 – Summer Warrior Introduction
1:29 – Class Starts
3:00 – Opening Stretch
3:09 – Warm Up Sequence
4:16 – Cat/Cow
5:15 – Ab Activation
5:41 – Abs & Legs Sequence
6:09 – Walk The Dog
6:29 – Downward Dog
6:47 – Dog The Plank
7:39 – Pilates Pushups
8:09 – Lower Back Activation
8:32 – 50/50’s
9:21 – Upward Dog
10:00 – Fwd Fold
10:21 – Halfays Exercise
10:51 – Flow It Out
11:27 – Knee Bombs
12:15 – Round Two
13:13 – Round Three
13:41 – Low Lunge
14:22 – Deep Hold
15:33 – Round Four
16:01 – Opposite Side
17:20 – Deep Hold
18:32 – Closed Squats
19:00 – Warrior Steps
19:25 – Warrior Two
20:09 – Peaceful Sequence
20:45 – Flow It Out
21:32 – Closed Squats
22:02 – Peaceful Side
23:56 – Toe Drop
24:17- Boat
25:01 – Bridge
25:47 – Bridge Lift
26:37 – Ball
27:23 – Savasana
31:25 – Namaste

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Boho Beautiful is Juliana Spicoluk & Mark Spicoluk

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  1. Thank you beautiful Juliana and Mark for this wonderful workout. I sweat a lot and really enjoy it. BTW, Juliana, I love the yoga pants you are wearing, may I ask which brand of it? Thanks in advance! With love ~

  2. Thank you for this beautiful practice and your hard work over the years<3 I love coming back to your videos, because they calm me down and yet make me feel strong and appreciative of my body. Thank you!

  3. Your guided practice is always a breather from a busy day's worth of experiences. Thank you for all the light, love, and above all else – your experience in physiology and working through it! Namaste )

  4. Just finished this practice and it felt so good. I have been feeling tense and anxious, as of late. This opened me up and helped me to harness positive energy and a feeling of peacefulness. Looking forward to doing more of these! They’re great when I can’t get to the studio. Thank you, Julia! PS: your voice is so calming and kind. It added a beautiful element to the practice. ❤

  5. I am having a difficult evening, but this practice made my body feel rejuvenated and reminded me that there are many people, even strangers like you, who send love out into this world. Thank you and I send love back to all of the yogis out there!

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