3 Foods to Avoid If You're Practicing Yoga #shorts

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What is a 21 day yoga challenge?
This is a 21-day online workshop wherein we will practice yoga together everyday for 21 days.

This workshop is hosted by Radhika Gupta who has practiced as a Counseling Psychologist for 10 years. After her cancer diagnosis at the age of 28, she dived deep into Yoga philosophy and assisted her own healing. Having hosted numerous workshops and teaching over 35 thousand people, Radhika is able to share a holistic perspective on health both from an ancient Vedic view as well as modern psychology.

To help you dive deeper into these philosophies, we have created a beautiful module called the 21 Day Yoga Challenge. We’re starting the next batch on the 5th of June and would love for you to be a part of this. It is priced only at Rs.500 so maximum number of people can experience the transformations that the system of Yoga brings.

You can expect every session to be a combination of practising asanas and pranayama along with gaining deep knowledge of the yogic philosophy.

What benefits will I see after 21 days?
– Clear, glowing skin
– Increased flexibility
– Abundance of energy
– Weight control
– Excellent strength
– Amazing balance

What will we gain from this workshop?
– Live yoga sessions every morning
– Reviews and feedback on your asanas
– Connection with a like-minded community of 1000+ yogis
– Many exciting events such as kirtans, guest speakers and satvic cooking demos
– Access to a private Facebook group for continuous hand holding and support through the 21 days

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  1. Avoiding the food we love will make our yoga practice more difficult since we will always feel craving for those food and will create imbalance. Better to consume everything but in moderate quantity.

  2. I highly suggest from the bottom of my heart to run away from yoga. Behind that which is represented and thought to be healthy, is something spiritually toxic. The poses are owned an stamped by certain spiritual forces and welcome them in when you do them. Stretching naturally and breathing randomly is fine, but the specific practice of yoga is actually attracting darkness into your life. Many things do. Sin is real, it is often hidden, but usually pretty obvious. The world has normalized sin for the most part and this is the work of spiritual evil.

    They are very real and unfortunately most of humanity is still totally unaware of them. Cry out to Jesus Christ, repent and confess your sins, feel the cathartic healing and change in your life. Have eternal life, it is a real and true gift from God. Jesus Christ isn't a man that started a religion or one of many gurus or teachers as people think, but His spirit made your soul and all of life. He is the Alpha and Omega. Please, time is short, don't be lured in by deceptions, there are many. You will know how real He is and gain understanding if you just turn to Him and cry out, seek Him. Sin will bind to the soul and stain the soul in the afterlife unless it is cleansed by His blood. Repentance is a gift, truly. Eternal life is only found through Christ, it has been ordained to be so from the beginning of time and has nothing to do with what we view as religion. God bless.

  3. Bs ak chis puchni thi mai tea ke bina ni rhe pati hu bs ak bar subha tea lena hi padta hai agar na lu too head pain karte hai…. Pls ab kux upai bol sakte hai iske bareme…

  4. This channel is exactly like Patanjali’s business curve. Audience will eventually get fed up with the impractical suggestions 🙂 Watch it dip like a tower in a few months.

  5. Taking meat in moderation is actually good these days since most vegetarians lack protein and iron. Not every vegetarian meal will be balanced unless you are too cautious and impossible for working people. After all years of being anemic with a veg diet, I gained my heamoglobin when I started consuming meat and egg. But avoid deep frying it. I live abroad where yoga is practiced even in schools but meat is common here . Even yoga teachers consume meat .

  6. I am learning nutrition if some who cannot follow these ones you can follow mine :-
    Drink tea & coffee without sugar,salt & milk ,
    take caffeine free tea after 2 pm ,
    Take only one cup of tea/coffee a day because they have caffeine .
    Eat green chilli instead of red dried ones ,
    Cook your meat in open fire .

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