25 Minute Balance Vinyasa Flow for Practicing Discernment | COLE CHANCE YOGA

Join Cole Chance for a 25 Minute Balance Vinyasa Flow today as we’ll be exploring Garuda Mudra and a Tibetan word “payu” that deals with discernment.

The word Garuda means “Eagle” in Sanskrit and Mudra means, hand gesture.

We need to practice discernment in order to break habitual patterns that no longer serve us. With awareness, we can actively take a step back and make different choices or have a better perspective on life.

Remember to welcome the wobbles in the balancing poses!

Thank you for practicing with me!
Namaste x

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  1. Thanks, Cole, this was wonderful. Balance sequences create quietness and peace in my mind, in a way that's different from anything else. It's a great way to feel. Also, Teddy is adorable! I hope he decides to continue pursuing his on-camera career.

  2. That practice flew by. The thing I love about balance postures is that it occupies so much space in my mind. It helps me be present because if I don’t, I’ll fall out of it. Very valuable lessons. Lots of love and light, thank you as always Cole

  3. I imagined this practice would have alot of me struggling to find balance and the practice being a lesson in patience. It wasn't as laborious. It was actually fluid and refreshing for me like a cool glass of water. Thanks, Ms. Cole!! 🖤🙃🙏🤟

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