25 Min Morning Yoga | Full Body Yoga Flow To Start Your Day Perfectly ➤ Yoga Day 1

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  1. Happy new year!  
    It is our honor and pleasure to welcome you to Day 1 of the 14 day yoga and meditation journey! 
    Thank you for choosing to be here with us.

    love & light… Juliana & Mark ☮

  2. This is always my go to "getting back to practice" every time i fall out of track again. Thank you for this gift! Forever grateful! Namaste!

  3. I’ve been practicing yoga for 3 years but havent practiced for months because of what’s going on globally, i was unmotivated + suffering chronic wrist and hip pain. I started again yesterday, and today, i cried while doing the eagle pose. I HAVE MISSED MY BODY. I missed who i was a year ago. Now i am back and committed to finish this 14 day challenge. Thank you, Juliana. ♥️

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful practice! I am turning my life around and I came across this video at the most perfect timing!
    Day 1 completed with gratitude 💐

  5. I started this today Oct 3rd 2021 and I felt so heavy in the beginning. Now I'm lighter more at peace ready for my meditation 🎉

  6. Hi Juliana. My intention today was to be more in my body. Thank you for allowing me to accept, embrace and allow this to flow from my eyes in tears today. Thank you Boho Beautiful! <3

  7. Thank you! I just signed up for the 14 day journey. What a wonderful practice! What a joy to get to see you and read thru the journal each day. I love it. Please take care. We are so lucky to know you.

  8. I've done this challenge for New Year but i'm redoing it again. So beautiful and helpful. Thank you for the nth time. ❤️

  9. 細部にわたり指導してくださるので、終わった後は、足の先🦶までポカポカ温かく驚いています。

  10. 素晴らしい💖



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