15 Min Yoga Workout | Full Body Stretch, Strengthen, & Tone To Feel AMAZING

This 15 minute full body yoga workout is the perfect toning and strength class, with added deep releasing yoga postures.Tone and sculpt your core, abs, legs, and upper body to bring beautiful muscle definition, fat burning, and weight loss results.

Through this effective Boho Beautiful yoga workout with Mark Spicoluk, you will boost your metabolism and tone your body in every way that it asks of you for ultimate physical and mindful results.

Remember to listen to your body.
Remember to breathe steadily & consciously as much as possible.
And remember to work hard and always have fun.

… Namaste


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  1. That was the best intro for a Workout i ever had 🌴 Also the first time I did a Workout with him instead of her. I like his focus on the connection between breathing and the movement. It´s always challenging to geht that by myself

  2. I was so intimidated to do this because arms are what I find hardest but it was amazing thank you. You guys have helped me heal through SO much over the years. Thank you again. 🙏🏼

  3. I love this class, thank you so much Mark! ♥This and Juliana's 15 min Pilates Yoga Workout | Core/Abs (Nov 14 2021) are my favourite morning combo ATM. Hope we can have even more of these kind of harder toning and strenght workouts! 🖤

  4. This did not make me smell nice. Very good and compact work-out. Took quite a strain on my "arm-ankles " though (what do you call these? 😅).

  5. This is an awesome work out. I shared it will my adult children and my younger friends. I do find it challenging but you do give fair warning before starting. As you say it is a "fiery" workout.

  6. It’s been long time I haven’t practice Yoga and so today I chose to start from this exercise as it is a short time one. Still my body felt so great after finishing the exercise and my soul felt great joy listening to the guidance and the beautiful background sounds❤️❤️❤️

  7. What a wonderful mini workout Mark -Thank you! As a yoga teacher myself there were even a couple of new moves in here for me. Loved the wild thing crunches – they even cracked my back into place! Much love 💞

  8. I love your targeted workouts.
    I’ve been wondering, would you consider doing a video focused on neck exercises to define and lengthen through the neck? I think they would be great for the throat chakra and self confidence!

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